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kkk k03, no wastegate = no PSI =no boost

import Oct 1, 2005

  1. import

    import New Member

    Thanks to Snoop for the heads up info on this and other forums, Also for being kind enough to let me try out a B5 with a chip (ie his own personal toy)..

    After 6 weeks of ownig my 1.8 T Sport I finaly got it chipped at "JABBA SPORT", only to find that I dont have any boost. Well 1 psi at 6500rpm's. The disc that closes off the wastegate has disapeared and is probably sitting inbedded in the front half of my CAT. Has anyone else had this problem ? Is it possible to cheat and change the exhaust impeller houseing and get round buying a new or secondhand turbo..
    On the bright side my car made 128BHP without any boost..
  2. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    you could take it to a turbo specialist have the exhaust housing changed and make sure its balanced and working right, that waste gate embeded in the cat is a concern are you going to remove it?
  3. Danielson

    Danielson Member

    big welcome to import (aka) ali, glad to hear you have boost again. good work! =)

  4. import

    import New Member

    All sorted,,,
    Got myself a new but damaged turbo from a main dealer.. they ran it up with no oil (blocked line) from what a can guess. So its new but with a damaged center bearing.. I just swapped the exhaust housing, and its all up and running with boost.
    4 hours start to finish including getting some exhaust studs to mount the cat as the new housing didnt have any in. Only difficult bit was getting the oil return pipe off and on, easyer to drain the oil and unbolt it from the sump in case any of you havee to do this yourselves...
    Still havent removed the cat and fished out the old disc from the waiste gate.. maybe next time im working on it, but for now i just want ot enjoy driving with BOOST

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