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  1. a4singh

    a4singh Member

    hey i got a new key, the flip one, the transponder key thingy i think its called? just got the blade cut, so need it programmed to the immobiliser now.. anybody know how i can do that? or do i need to go to audi to get it dun?

    thanks guys
  2. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    For the ignition, if your car is pre 1999 you will probably have a 'static code' immobiliser, you can either swap the capsule out of one of your old main keys, or a good auto-locksmith will be able to clone it for you.

    If it is post 99, you will have a 'rolling code' immob, and a visit to the dealer is required.

    Then just sync your remote to the car for 'Keyless entry' and you are good to go.

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