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Key programming with one set of keys

99kingm1 Aug 11, 2010

  1. 99kingm1

    99kingm1 New Member

    Does anybody know if there is a way of programming your key with only one set of keys? (i have no spare). I got a quote off Audi for £85 to do it, i dont know if thats a bit steep or if its fair. Cheers
  2. ZxIRAX

    ZxIRAX New Member

    I would also be interested in this, as I have just bought an A3 with 1 key (no spare) and would like to have a spare just in case.
  3. NathanA4Avant

    NathanA4Avant Member

    Just had mine done at Audi. I too only had the one key.

    They do it off the chassis number i think. Ordered one, took a few days to arrive. Came pre-cut, then payed for half an hour labour to have it programmed. Cost around 130 including key if i remember rightly.

    Need the V5 and some form of ID to order the key though.
  4. chrisfoster

    chrisfoster New Member

    I am sorry for trouble you are having with your key fob. There is a company that does Car Key replacement that has free guides telling you how to programme your car key fob: here is the link. Fob Programming | autokeysquad.co.uk

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