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Key problem

WHITEY_1 Aug 23, 2007

  1. WHITEY_1

    WHITEY_1 Member

    O.k here we go! My brother bought off me my old audi a 1.8 A4 1996 N reg (my old sweetheart) now the problem is the bloody key is stuck in the ignition barrel! The car will start but youve got to keep holding the key in position to drive it! Now I know on house front door locks like yale locks when this happens 1 of the pins have dropped in the key barrel, does this mean that this has happened to the car? Because I thought that the pins only drop when you pull the key out and we cant get the key out and the key never mind how much we try will not stay in the on position to drive the car, so I know the barrel is bollo*** so the question is where do I get a new 1 from aand how the hell do I install it? Any help much appreciated Thanks.:uhm:
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It's probably just the key switch rather than the actual ignition barrel. This is a common failure on older B5's. The spring mechanism in the switch disintegrates so the key feels floppy and can work it's way into the crank position while driving which will burn out the starter motor (which happened to mine), or I'm guessing could also prevent the key staying in the ignition on position.
    A new one is only about £20 from the dealer and is an easy fix.
    Excellent instructions & pics here:
    Scroll halfway down the A4 section and there's an article called "ignition switch replacement" by Mike Tan. Not sure why the key won't come out though.
  3. WHITEY_1

    WHITEY_1 Member

    TOP MAN Andy we give it a go on saturday monring

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