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key problem and remote central locking

cwuk2001 Apr 24, 2011

  1. cwuk2001

    cwuk2001 Member

    hi guys when i boight my audi i only had one key :(
    the guy said he would try and get it from the previous owner but after begging and begging i had no look!
    after around 3-4 weeks the remote became intermittant which lead me to beleive it need a battery..
    few days later it stopped working completely but the led light still flickers.
    had the battery tested and it is fine and was advised to re sync the remote as they loose there sync...?
    ive tried the method in the book but no joy! :(
    resulting in a very annoyed other half and its like a james bond mission trying to get in unlock the car with out the alarm going mad! lol

    help would be appretiated muchly as i dont want to go to the dealer! :(

    regards chris

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