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Kestrel DAS 6 Dual Action Polisher OFFER £75.00

Juicy Jen Apr 12, 2012

  1. Juicy Jen

    Juicy Jen Jen @ Juicy Detailing Site Sponsor


    Have you ever considered machine polishing your car to remove imperfections
    such as swirls and scratches in the paintwork?

    Feeling a little daunted about damaging your pride and joy?

    Looking to take the next step to gain better finished results?

    If you answered
    to all the above questions then this offer
    IS FOR YOU!!!!

    RRP £89.95
    REDUCED TO £75.00
    A JUICY SAVING OF £14.95
    Only 10 machines available at this price


    The Kestral DAS 6 Dual Action Polisher is the ideal machine to get you started as a newbie with machine polishing as its safer and far less aggressive than a standard rotary polisher.

    It is ideal for removing scratches and swirls, the DAS6 provides superior results over hand application. It has 6 variable speed setting, 2500, 3200, 3900, 4600, 5500, and 6500 orbits per minute. 8mm Orbit.

    We provide you with a 6" and a 5" backing plate which is suitable for the majority of foam pads on the market and a D shape and side handle to offer you a choice of ways to hold the machine.

    We are currently have this machine available through the Juicy Detailing website for £79 so you’re still making a saving on our already brilliant offer!

    If you also fancy a nice bag to put your kit in then again not available through our website for an additional
    £8.50 you can store everything away nice and neatly. It has internal and external pockets and an over the shoulder strap (Not is not available for sale separately).


    Postage on the product due to the weight is £6.95 which will be sent out via Parcel Force 24 and payments are excepted via debit card over the phone ONLY by call me on 01207 299596. You can purchase other items at the time if required to save on postage

    Total for machine only including postage £81.95
    Total for machine plus bag including postage £90.45

    Thanks for your all your support :wub:

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