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Kenwood plug to Audi A2 (2004)

CocnutMacaroon Jul 22, 2010

  1. CocnutMacaroon

    CocnutMacaroon New Member

    Kenwood plug to Audi A2 (2004)
    I have a cd player which I bought around 2 years ago which is a Kenwood cd player.

    Are there specific harnesses that I would need for it to work in my A2?

    It's an '04' plate , and at the moment it has the Chorus cassette deck [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance

  2. *Unkle*

    *Unkle* Member

    Most H/U now have an ISO connection its a standard format connection and plugs into pretty much everything.

    You will need the keys to remove your old unit (Audi Halfords etc) and you will see what i mean, it should just plug in.

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