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Karting - Rye House - Aug 9th 6pm.

jediknight Aug 4, 2008

  1. jediknight

    jediknight Member

    Hi.. sorry for posting in the wrong section but i needed maximum exposure for a couple of days and this forum is the busiest :( sorry..

    I used to post up every now and again with karting events I arranged but then i got such a regular group that it was always full anyway so kind of stopped advertising it.

    However on this occasion alot of my regulars have let me down hence posting this one back up.

    August 9th at 6:30pm
    Rye House (nr Harlow)

    15 min qualifying followed directly by a grid start and 40 mins race.

    No teams.. just you and the kart.

    Its £60 per head (which is down on their normal price)

    Max number of drivers is 25 (which i pre paid hence needing to now fill the space)

    More details and payment info on on the following web page.


    Its actually set up as part of a tournament across a few different tracks. The dates of the other races have not been set yet but you are more than welcome to race just this race, another one in the future.. or all of them. Its all just for a bit of semi competative fun.

    If you could contact me through the site for any more info .. or of course just pay and i'll make sure your name gets put down.

    Many thanks in advance.


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