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k850i vs n95

kev_a3 Nov 8, 2007

  1. kev_a3

    kev_a3 New Member

    any of you guys got any opinions

    cant decide which to upgrade to!!!:think:
  2. IN-A3

    IN-A3 Member

    I got the k850i as i dont like nokia phones.
    camera is good and got lots of sony accessories already.
  3. rickparmar

    rickparmar Active Member

    k850i is not all that, it gets slow after alot of images are on, and the keys are annoying

    n95 is old now

    what network are you on ?

    as if i was you i would wait for the n95 8gb black to come out (if your not already on vodafone)
  4. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    k850 need a firmware update to fix the flash sync problems in low light. There was supposed to be an update on SEUS today, but it allegedly got pulled at the last minute. There are a lot of firmware problems with this phone at the minute, but it'll be a very nice phone once they get ironed out.

    N95 8GB would be the n95 to go for as rickparmar says, not the original n95. They've allegedly sorted out the battery life and the build quality issues. In reality its yet to be mass reviewed by the public, and it's just as likely to have teething problems like the K850i too.

    The bottom line is that one is a smartphone and one is a regular phone. One also costs a lot more than the other. People will always have strong views towards and against each handset, so just pick the one you like the best :)
  5. kev_a3

    kev_a3 New Member

    well kinda decided on the k850i before posting .....just wasnt 100% sure

    now ive seen an ad for the lg viewty and im unsure again..any opinions on the new lg flagship...anyone got one yet...seems very camera orientated but is it any good??
  6. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    My cousin has the Viewty and this maybe just another opinion but I must say it's horrid...

    My advice: goto Youtube, search the name of device and you'll see users going through every single step from opening the box to using the applications.
  7. missviper

    missviper Member

    i was not sure on these 2 phones.
    Then finally made my mind up and got the N95 with 02 and so far its great.
    It came with a 8GB memory card.
    Throught the k850i was annoying with its touch screen and tiny buttons.
  8. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    yeah, N95 all the way... or if this thread was still relevant.. an N82.

    Check out my sig for users of above phones.
  9. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    You get used to the touch screen, I hated it first but like anything you get used to it. N95 has poor battery life I was told, in comparison to the sony anyway, I always sony phones though as never had any trouble with them, its the only sony products I ever buy as I dont like the brand usually

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