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K24 or 2283 - Which is better for RS6 K04 Hybrids

Uber-Technik Jul 17, 2013

  1. Uber-Technik

    Uber-Technik New Member


    So putting final design down for my hybrids and have to decide whether to to use a billet K24 or 2283 compressor wheel?

    other modifications will be:

    - Upgrade compressor as above
    - Upgraded turbine 45.5x51 (OEM 45x50mm).
    - Clipped turbine
    - Competition 360 thrust bearings etc
    - Modified actuator 1.0bar.

    These turbos will be fitted and tested on my own RS6 hence the extra steps to reduce back pressure and if they perform and meet expectations (650+HP) I will consider making them as bolt ones for S4/RS4s etc.

    id appreciate your feedback on which to use, also please provide reasoning.
  2. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    2283 is plenty big enough, you might be even better running the 2280 to ensure adequate clearance on the housing, it will still flow more than enough air for you needs, bigger isn't always better!

    largest turbine ie rs6 is 50mm/44.5mm

    doesnt need to be clipped really, get the turbine housing clearance correct and they will flow perfectly well. But clipping may help you but at the expense of spool.

    your limit is and always will be the turbine housing, anything you can do to free that up will help enormously.
  3. jamiebennett81

    jamiebennett81 Active Member

    Where are you getting the hybrid work done?

    I would highly recommend beach buggy turbo's who is producing some fantastic packages.

    He is on facebook and has a brilliant reputation. He is producing such turbo's as the K250, K280, K300, with proven results for K03 cars, so K04's will be again an easy job for him to really get the best from your turbo
  4. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    If it's clipped turbine then i believe it's Turbo Dynamics job...

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