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K04 turbo upgrade GB

RichA3Turbo Oct 15, 2004

  1. simon_golf_tt

    simon_golf_tt Member

    S2 injectors do fit! Tried them at the weekend. Now just need to work out if the A4 injectors fit the inline 1.8T (as in my golf) - Rich says they should. Will try this in the next few days. The S2 injector might be a good mod as they are good for 360bhp on the S2 (albeit with 5 cylinders).
  2. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    Sounds good simon, keep us posted as i need to get some new injectors and a new FPR but was not sure what combination to go for.
  3. Austineer

    Austineer King of cabs ;) Audi A3 Audi Cabriolet Owner Group TDi


    I take it that your 230 bhp reading @ wheels was achieved without chaging any of the fuel system components i.e. Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) & Injectors. At a guess your car will be pushing out a quite impressive 250 bhp @ fly allowing for only 8.7% power loss to the transmition system. Which to be honest using those figures I think that would either that would mean you have more power at the fly or you have a very efficient transmittion system, of which I would tend to go with the first.

    However the point I am trying to get to is that of the max power capability that the OEM fuel system can cope with. A few tunners (neuspeed, greenspeed etc) suggest you change the FPR to achieve anything over the 230 mark with the K04 upgrade. This seems to be blown out of the water by AMD who achieve over this figure without changing any fuel components. So the main question I am hoping to find out is what is the max power capability using OEM FPR & Injectors? 260 ish @ fly? Any thoughts from other members would be appreciated.
  4. From what I can remember, the A3 1.8T engines use 3-bar fuel pressure, whereas the A4 already has the 4-bar FPR. People putting a K04 in an A3/Golf should upgrade to the 4-bar to stop it leaning out, but I think you'll be alright with the stock FPR on an A4. If you fit bigger injectors and your turbo is running around 1.3bar boost, then it may be beneficial to fit an adjustable FPR, so that you can balance the fuel accordingly. Maybe 4.5-bar fuel is ideal for a chipped K04, and the stock 4-bar is close enough for a K04 on stock software? Might be barking up the wrong tree here, but I think this is what it boils down to.


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