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k04 turbo or similar

chrisa4quat Jul 22, 2007

  1. chrisa4quat

    chrisa4quat Active Member

    I have posted a thread about getting my 1.8TQ more power, and i know that an s4 would be just as easy to get, but i like my a4. What turbo can i get and where can i get it?
  2. dappadan786

    dappadan786 Member

    hi mate, your in same boat as me!

    options are

    K04 about 250bhp with correct remap!
    Big turbo kits start from 280 Bhp-350bhp! check out atpturbo.com

    K04's go for about £400 in the US after conversion, in UK cheapest i could find was £600+VAT! you can get a Hybrid version where they gut the internals and uprate it, Turbo dynamics and AET turbo claims up to 290 BHP! at a price of 940+VAT!

    my dilemma is do i go for the hybrid? can haggle and maybe get it for £1000 inc VAT! or go the US and import and a chance i may get hit with a VAT + Import fees.

    im still undecided!

    hope that helps you out mate.

  3. chrisa4quat

    chrisa4quat Active Member

    have ya made any enguiries bout the k04 conversion from US, i'm looking for about 250, not greedy, i'd be interested in a dual buy at right price
  4. dappadan786

    dappadan786 Member

    sounds good to me! if we can get aK04 at a right price ill get that and then upgrade to bigger later.

    im trying to get hold of kinetic motorsports the chaps that do the K04 they had a group buy going on another forum ive posted on there but ive had no reply from them.
  5. powertuningltd

    powertuningltd couldnt fix your brakes,so I made your horn Louder


    there maybe a few helpful links on this page for buying a KO4.

    basically , i after a ko4 hybrid.

    I was going to import a standard k04-15 from the US, and then hybrid at turbo dynamics for 495 + vat 280-290 BHP.

    i know kinenticmotorsport did just ket some KO4-15 in , and where the cheapest, but sold out within the week.

    They where also the cheapest.

    Blouch have a hybid KO4 270bhp , does look like they put any bearings in it thou.

    But i my take a risk with blouch, because it could be the cheapest route to owning a hybrid ko4.

    suprememotorpart do have the ko4-15 in stock, just slightly more expensive than kinetic.

    seen alot of forums saying www.BuehnEngineering.com

    have hybrid ko4s but the link never seem to works.

    cheers stephen.
  6. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    How much more power do you want, do you want to keep a fairly good MPG or do you just want power or both?

    I gor my K04 from Kinetic and they were very quick and easy to deal with. Very reasonable think inc dutys etc it was £450
  7. Backdraft Motorsport

    Backdraft Motorsport 1.8T & 2.0TFSi Specialists Site Sponsor

    We have 5, 53049880015 k04 upgrade turbos for the a4 1.8T. These are an official k04 upgrade. This means that they are factory built to fit onto the k03 manifold etc.
    It is possible to upgrade the internals but the main problem with doing that is that you still have the restrictive standard manifold. So I would recomend just using a k04-15 combined with a custom map from someone like MRC Tuning.
    I can do the k04-15 for £649 plus VAT to forum members for a limited period. Our usual price is £699 plus VAT.
    Hope that helps.
    Mark Hosken
    Backdraft Motorsport. 01909 821216.

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