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  1. schwartza3

    schwartza3 Member

    Hey everyone,i'm fairly new to this forum, this is my 1st post so go easy on me, I'd like to find out if there is Revo software/remap available for my car that is specifically written for the K04-001 turbo.
    My ecu number is 06A 906 018 AQ. The car is an Audi a3 1.8t 98 model (AGU). Also let me know what else is required with the Revo K04 program, if it is available (eg. Injectors, fpr, larger maf…), do I need a new turbo inlet pipe?
    My understanding is that Revo is loaded, not physically installed as a chip, is this correct?? I read on uk-mkivs that these early ecu’s can’t be flashed so I’m confused how exactly is the new map set up?

  2. daz2347

    daz2347 Member

    Im guessing you have purchase the K04 as AGU engine come with K03, as for re map i think AGU is new chip! only on AGM is it downloaded.

    But im sure others will help.

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