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K04 refurb - Recommendations please

Blue_Thunder Sep 9, 2007

  1. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    The unfortunate demise of at least one of my newly installed K04's has prompted me to find a refurb outfit asap. Because I am absolutely skint, I want to find a place that will do a quality job for a decent price. Unfortunately I can't afford any nice to haves such as porting, ceramic coating, etc. [​IMG] I also need a place that has a quick turnaround as I can't afford to have the car off the road any longer than it has been.

    One of the turbos sounds pretty dead, you could hear the blades hitting the case at high-boost. The other I imagine should be ok (both turbos had done <1000 miles since fitted).

    I had assumed that these should both be refurbed at the same time as it is recommended they are replaced in pairs (to do with matching of the actuators?), but one company I spoke to said that I could get away with refurbing just one. What are people's views on this?

    I've had quotes from the following (prices indicate from basic seals, etc. up to recores - each price per turbo):

    AET - ??? -> £450+vat
    AR Turbo (www.arturbo.co.uk) - £150+vat -> £400+vat
    TurboRepairs.com - £275(inc. vat?) -> £400+vat (includes delivery)
    Tait EuroTurbos - ??? -> £475+vat
    TurboTechnics - Been waiting over a week for a quote!

    Does anyone have anything positive/negative to say about any of these companies, or any recommendations of anyone else?

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