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K04 Rebuild, how difficult?

Dubstep Jul 26, 2011

  1. Dubstep

    Dubstep Member

    Ive been after a recon'd K04 for ages now as mine has up/down play and very small in/out play. so with not much luck in sourcing one i might have to go down the rebuild route. Im wondering how difficult it is to actually do it yourself and is it cost effective? Turbo Dynamics have quoted me £300 to do the job. Also I dont know if its a good idea to buy a new hybrid turbo or not, would i need forged internals for this? therefore making the job massive and cost alot! more.
  2. Rob_k

    Rob_k Member

    You need to have means of balancing the turbo mate so not a job for the diyer, £300 sounds cheap for a rebuild though. As far as hybrids go you won't need forged internals on a standard map but if you want to use it's full potential then I'd definitely say you'd need a set of con rods.


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