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k04 hybrid feeler....bt build

s3 Mar 20, 2009

  1. s3

    s3 s3

    Here goes....

    well im considering going down the BT route within the next 6-8 weeks so i will have a few bits for sale if anybodys interested...

    as follows will be up for grabs, please pm me for any details...

    .k04 hybrid turbo....my standard unit was rebuilt as a hybrid unit in january and has covered around 1000miles since rebuild....i believe this set up coupled with the right injectors etc etc can be good for around 380 bhp.....im running this around 350/360 mark and from standard it flows a great deal better and with almost no lag...
    .s3 injectors
    .milltek tb exhaust...covered around 3000 miles
    .forge adaptation spacer...covered around 3000 miles
    .green panel filter...covered around 3000 miles
    also have now fitted the evoms kit so my standard cover is available if anybody wants it?

    now im in the process of ordering/buying my parts for my BT build so as soon as the parts are removed from the car they can be taken.... but any inspection or these can be arranged...

    cheers for looking...

    i know this should be in the classified area but please forgive me mods..:yahoo:

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