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k03s / Sport Turbo

shawshankuk Jan 8, 2007

  1. shawshankuk

    shawshankuk Glu Kru

    Hi, I have an A3 1.8T Engine Code AGU.

    I'm trying to get my hands on a k03s turbo before I get my car remapped.Looking to get that extra couple of bhp without braking the bank too much. Anyone have or know where the best place to source one is?

    If your going to suggest ebay then please dont bother. I dont want to end up with a cheap **** aftermarket part.

  2. simch

    simch Active Member

    Try A-M Motorsport, down in cardiff.
    Mike Heath AKA "shock XE" on the seat "cupra.net" forum. Used to get brsand new ones for £400 with gaskets. Not sure if they are about now though.
  3. VeeDub Geezer

    VeeDub Geezer Ex-20v Coupe Owner

    does the K03s make a big difference? is it as hard to fit (i.e needing a huge amount of new bits) as a K04?

    is it just the 180bhp models that got it?
  4. Tallpaul

    Tallpaul Member

    K03s second hand should be about £250 in good condition. You'll pay something daft like £800 for a new one.

    You won't find anyone from A & M on seatcupra.net anymore, they both got banned :(

    Try Corey at quattronics (01522 540039). He offered me one a while ago.
  5. markyp2002

    markyp2002 Member

    the K03S apparently ive got on my car and its 150bhp AUM engine! A3 T Sport
  6. Tallpaul

    Tallpaul Member

    yeah, you have. hence why it remapped to over 200bhp.
  7. markyp2002

    markyp2002 Member

    woo that would explain a lot. another quick question though:

    anyone know what the part number is or a picture of the turbo to/from intercooler pipe?
  8. darnich

    darnich Member

    This is a useful reply to an email sent to Borg Warner
    hope it will help you

    Quote, "originally posted by Borg Warner (KKK)"

    Dear Sir,
    thank you for your interest in our products.
    First of all, we don't produce any turbo that we call K03S. But I hope I can answer your questions with the following explanations.
    All the following turbos have the same installation dimensions and
    thermodynamical performance. The differences are only in the actuator that opens the turbine bypass valve:

    K03-011 (5303 988 0011) 150 hp, 65 N actuator
    K03-026 180 hp, 85 N actuator
    K03-035 180 hp, 85 N actuator
    K03-044 150 hp, 65 N actuator
    K03-045 156 hp (Ibiza Cupra), 85 N actuator with 2 ports
    K03-049 150 hp (Sharan/Alhambra), 65 N actuator

    The 180 hp versions have an actuator with a higher opening force due to the higher exhaust gas pressure (which is a consequence of the higher boost pressure). Otherwise the valve would be pushed open by the exhaust gas pressure.

    The following turbos are a further development (since 2000) and have an improved and slightly larger compressor while using the same turbine (still with the same installation dimensions):
    K03-052 180 hp, 85 N actuator
    K03-053 150 hp, 85 N actuator
    K03-058 150 hp/180 hp, 85 N actuator

    Consequentially, putting a 180 hp turbo on a 150 hp engine will not bring about any change in performance, but putting on a K03-052/053/058 instead of the older versions will bring a slight improvement in engine efficiency. Additionally, with re-mapping the ECU you can achieve about 215 hp without danger of overspeeding the turbo. With the older turbos, 195 hp is the limit.

    With the K04 that's also commonly used (5304 950 0001) the power output should not be more than 220 hp. That means, changing a K03-052/053/058 against a K04 does not make a lot of sense.

    I hope that these details answer your questions. If you need more info, one of our service distributors will be glad to help you. Their addresses are on our website http://www.turbodriven.com/.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,
    BorgWarner Turbo Systems GmbH
    Sales IDS - Technical Support
    Christian Seibert
  9. darnich

    darnich Member

    And these are the parts you will need

    Transverse Turbo Swap Parts

    1J0 253 115 A (Turbo-DP Gasket)
    N 907 678 01 Studs (x4)
    058 145 791 Washers (x4)
    N 013 812 8 Washers (x2)
    058 145 757 B Gasket
    06A 253 039 E Gasket

    as for the TIP I chose a Samco silicon one part no TB 1524

    For injectors I used 06Α 906 031ΒΑ 317cc from a Seat Leon 20VT
    although the fuel rail needed some modification (some say you can use a
    4bar FPR instead of swapping injectors)

    Hope that helps you
  10. Tallpaul

    Tallpaul Member

    lol, that email doesn't specify what is and what isn't a K03s, even if the manufacturers don't call it a K03s the rest of the world does... although presumably any K03 with an 85N actuator is a K03s?

    EDIT: Nope, i guess only the >2000 onwards ie K03-05x turbo's are K03s? lol, although not all cars >2000 have a K03s eg the mk3 Seat Ibiza Cupra still uses a K03 but apparantly >2000 150bhp A3's are K03s??? God it's confusing. I'm sticking to working out parts by engine code :)

    Also it appears to pre-date the introduction of the K04-023 etc used in the S3/TT/LCR.
  11. KEF A3 20V T

    KEF A3 20V T Turbo's Rule

    So what is exactly required for the k03s upfit to an AGU engine!?

    as far as i can gather u need:
    1. K03s turbo, part number??
    2. 4 bar fpr.
    3. Remap
    4. and gaskets bolts etc
    i have a cat back 2.5" exhaust, CAI and am wanting to ge a n-75h valve, anyone had the conversion done with similat spec and could enlighten me as to the BHP figures?

    Also anyone know where would be good to get the theng set up n mapped?
  12. Tallpaul

    Tallpaul Member

    Plus bigger turbo intake pipe (if you already have the forge K03 one you can modify it to fit, but the OE one won't).

    Really you'd need a high flow downpipe and race-cat too.

    N75F is the 'recommended' valve, i think.

    To get the very best from the setup you'd need a FMIC too, though not essential.

    All that well setup with a good remap.... 220 - 230bhp i guess.

    Any good tuner/VAG specialist could do it eg Jabbasport

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