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K03s Silicon tip

beachbuggy Oct 19, 2011

  1. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    So I've been on the other side on the s3 forum but have just bought a a4 quattro 1.8t convertible. Going to be fitting a hybrid turbo etc but I've looking for silcon tips for the transverse engines and can't seem to find one? Can someone please let me know where's good for these.

    Also with 225 s3 injectors fit in the a4 manifold. There are 2 types of 386cc injectors for the s3 the ones with the long nozzle and the short nozzled ones. Which are the ones I need?

    Final question. I've changed countless s3 cambelts so know the procedure inside out, and it seems to me there is about the same amount of room between the engine and bulk head on the a4 as s3. Question is do you really need to remove the bumper and slam panel etc to change the belt, tensioner and pulley?

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