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  1. AndrewUkR6

    AndrewUkR6 Member

    Decided to go ahead with a K03 to K03S swap on an A3 AGU. Question is whether i DIY it or not. I've read some people saying it was very difficult and others saying its an easy swap! I had a quote for £280 from a garage but in the end i thought i'd give it a go myself - I'm not great at car mechanics but can tackle most things if i have a little instruction!

    Plenty of threads on The K03S but i couldnt find a decent pictorial guide on doing it. If anyone wants me to update this thread with photos of the procedure i can. Similarly if anyone has done this, and found any bits a little tricky then please post where you got stuck...

    Here is the list of parts i ordered, as posted elsewhere:

    06A 253039E - Gasket - £1.97 1 req'd
    N0138149 - WASHER - £0.23 - 4 req'd
    N0138128 - WASHER - £0.19 - 4 req'd
    058145757C - GASKET - £1.08 - 1 req'd
    058145757A - GASKET - £1.26 - 1 req'd
    1J0253115R - GASKET - £2.28 - 1 req'd
    G12 coolant additive, G012A8FM1 £5.49

    I found this exploded view of an A4 1.8T, i take it its the same as the A3:

    And someones rough outline on the job:

    I've got a bentley guide on removing the A4 turbo but im not sure i'd be allowed to upload that page here?
  2. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Daves outline on UK mkivs is very helpful indeed, he and I spoke a lot during the time we were both carrying it out.

    Physically bolting the turbo on isn't too hard, but it's the oil lines behind the manifold that are so hard, you need TINY fingers to get to it all properly. I ended up paying a mate £50 to do it....
  3. AndrewUkR6

    AndrewUkR6 Member

    why dont i have any mates like that then!
  4. jonod s4

    jonod s4 New Member

    hi there what shop did you get the 1j0-253-115-r from plz m8

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