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K03 to K04

Dvfreeman Jan 25, 2011

  1. Dvfreeman

    Dvfreeman New Member

    So I know this is my first post but heck, you've gotta start somewhere. I've got myself a nice little A3 1.8t Quattro (180). And it has a fairly major oil leak coming from the turbo and leaking down the boost pipe to the smic. I was just wondering whether or not it's possible to have a straight swap from the k03 turbo to the k04 (as found in the s3 and tt 225). Would it be a simple job of swapping them over or would it require different manifold/oil feeds and whatever?

    Cheers guys,
  2. Avant4me

    Avant4me The're Graphite not black!!

    Massive job! Pretty sure the A3 1.8t came with the K03 rather than the K03s which was fitted to the Leon Cupra and TT (both have the AUQ engine) This engine like the BAM which is one of the k04 equipped 225 engines came with variable valve timing and a different head. You will need a custom manifold, exhaust changes, custom remap to suit the turbo. As well as a front mount intercooler if you want to make the most of the new turbo.
  3. Dvfreeman

    Dvfreeman New Member

    Won't be bothering with the ko4 then! Lol. Only looking for a quick "like for like" conversion lol. So would the ko3s be a simpler swap? And what sort of power gains should I be expecting from it?
  4. Dane

    Dane Had an 8L S3, a B5 RS4 now I have a B8 S4

    Send your k03 off to CR turbos - get them to recondition it to hybrid specs and make k04 power, without having to swap a thing, although it would be a good idea to upgrade parts to make the most of the power

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