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K&N Air Filter on A2

- Jul 8, 2005

  1. Guest

    Crazy performance out of an A2 I think not! But never the less there are a few tweeks one can do to help you on your way to that horizon!!

    Im an A2 1.4 TDI (75bhp) owner and I'm considering a K&N Air fliter to give me a little more under the foot. At £47 inc. P&P I don't think its a bad investment considering the life span of the component. Does anyone here have such poduct on there A2?

    Come to that does anyone here have any performance mods on there A2??
  2. Geckz

    Geckz New Member

    Hi - I'm not sure that a K&N will make any noticable difference to the A2.

    Most of the tuning steps listed for the A2 are remaps. If you are after performance I would not bother with the filter - just same up for a remap.

    http://www.amdtechnik.com/ are a good place to look.

    You could always give them a ring and ask?

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