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JVC double din fitting

IVnik8r Jul 17, 2012

  1. IVnik8r

    IVnik8r New Member

    Hi all, newby here. What a great place for info i've found. I hope you can help me out. Have just ordered a JVC AV60BT to replace the Symphony 2 unit in my 2006 A4 Cab. I'm totally baffled as to what extras i'm gonna need. Bass Junkies said I need a mounting kit (do they not come with them anymore?), a harness to fit the car, then another for the steering controls, then I might need another if the front speakers have the amps included! Browsing the web, every site seems to show a different image of the basic harness/adapter.
    Heeellppppppppp! Any ideas what I actually need. Was hoping to get it fitted by the weekend, so it was ready to show off on a camping trip with me mates!!!
  2. IVnik8r

    IVnik8r New Member

  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yes you will need all of that.
    The mounting kit should just be a fascia adapter as the Audi unit fascia is wider than standard double DIN.
    The harness adapter depends on whether you have Bose or non Bose, you also need to check whether your A4 is ISO or Quadlock as cabrios seem to differ in every way to the normal A4, just get 2 pairs of removal keys and pull the HU to ensure you get the right one.
    You will also need an antenna amp adapter, again maybe Fakra or ISO or both

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