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Just wondering....

Oily Audi Apr 3, 2014

  1. Oily Audi

    Oily Audi New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondered what peoples thoughts are on the value of my S3. Looking to maybe trade in or sell it privately as I'm looking to go for something cheaper to run..... 8V COD, mmmmm.....

    details of my car are a 60 plate Black Edition S3 sport back in black. It's a manual.
    It has 23k miles and a full Audi main dealer service history.
    Black Alcantara seats
    Heated seats
    Parking system plus (With the self park option thing)
    Privacy glass

    Services were
    11/2011 (4k miles) - Oil change
    7/2012 (9k miles) - Oil change and brake fluid change
    7/2013 (17k miles) - Inspection service and oil change with a Haldex oil change and a dust and pollen filter change.

    Ive only ever run it on premium fuel and I've got every V-Power receipt since October 2013.

    Many thanks in advance for your expertise...

    ACWKGYTO Well-Known Member

    Type your reg into that well known website, and you will be offered around the trade price for your car

    I have a high spec 61 MY12 S3 quattro black ed s tronic 3 door, similar mileage, FASH and they always offer just over 21k

    But I hear they knock off £100 for every blemish and a tenner goes to the agent for each £100 knocked off

    I'm always looking at cars and a few dealers offered me 20k part ex on 265 cups, and fords of winsford offered my 19300 on any car, was looking at Scirroco R

    Walked away of course, insulting offer.... car cost me over 25k only 6 months ago

    Just try and see, maybe go and have a look at parkers guide but dont expect to get that figure, autotrader/ebay/PH

    also a good guide you'll get quite a bit more private, but really depends on condition, and how much hassle you want.
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