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Just what I needed ..... window failure

TYphoon GB Mar 29, 2013

  1. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Just happened to wind the window down when driving close to home to talk to a neighbour.

    Funny grinding noise....have a look at that later....

    Then the window goes half way up and straight back down again.

    So 30 minutes later I am sat with the window sub frame out...actually quite an easy remove but fitting and aligning looks fun with the shifty shims.

    Hoped it was the clips...no they are fine ...... the cable has frayed and jammed up the mechanism...lots of wet leaf and dirt muck in the lower rollers looks a factor.

    Eurocarparts have a sale on so ordered for delivery tomorrow.

    Gotta love the Audi's .... consumers of wealth and only fail on the coldest spring for 50 flippin years.:blackrs4:
  2. TwistedMind

    TwistedMind Long Live The A6

    I have had that nightmare. But it was the dreaded clips for me
  3. Rob519

    Rob519 New Member

    Me 2! It was the cable for me. I had to wedge a block of wood under the glass for a week before the new parts came!
  4. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Eurocarparts promised next day.....
    Gave it to some useless muppets called Yodel to deliver
    Lost it for a week.

    Not even a sorry! Least it an easy ish fix.

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