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Just Wanna Say.......

DriveByShooters Jul 5, 2011

  1. DriveByShooters

    DriveByShooters Editor Audi-Sport.Net Magazine

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    Firstly please allow me to apologise for my absence from posting on the forum. As you can probably imagine I am a little bit pre-occupied by a certain Audi event!

    And secondly to thank you all for your support. Type in Audis in the Park in a Google search!.....First 2 pages on Google are full of forums and clubs etc blogging and posting about the show. Please keep plugging away and keep generating the interest.

    Think about this.....in 2010 AITP saw over 400 cars pack the event field.....imagine if every car that turned up last year brought a friend and their Audi along with them this year!....800 CARS!

    The maths are as simple as that......lets show the AITP virgins out there what a cracking show Audis in the Park is!

    Not heard of AITP????? Do a simple forum search.....I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find a thread all about it!


    Event Manager
    Audis in the Park
  2. hartey

    hartey Member

    Looking forward to this!

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