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just to say hello

chippie Jul 26, 2003

  1. chippie

    chippie Member

    Hello to all at Audi-sport
    I’ve been enjoying reading all the posts on the forum since about November last year, so thought it was about time I joined and said hello to everyone.
    The first time I had a good look a S3 was at last years motor show at the NEC, I was looking to change my car(always had boring family cars) and wanted something that bit more special. I fancied a TT but no room in the back for my two boys who are almost as tall as me. Anyway decided on the S3 and booked a test drive at Wakefield Audi. Wow couldn’t believe the performance, in 2nd gear pulling onto the slip road for the motor way, planted my right foot to the floor and boy off it went like a rocket, that was it I had to have one.
    Got the car in January, it was the one they had on display in the showroom. I got what I think was a pretty good deal saved about £1500 on list price. Really impressed with it and with the level of service from Audi, had a small problem with a vibration from the exhaust at about 3000 revs but Audi had it back in and sorted it, although I felt I was ripped off a bit with the “special” paint and upholstery treatment, no need to polish it for 3 years /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh_roll.gif just wash and shammy off, £300 and all they did was put some sort of polish protector on out of a little bottle only used about a cap full, and no upholstery to do with it being all leather, but I suppose they have to make their money somehow. Anyway said enough for now just one question do the brake lights normally come on when the ignition isn’t on
    Thanks see you soon chippie
  2. audi_girl

    audi_girl Active Member

    Welcome to the board !!

    I think they do - i'll check next time I'm in mine!!

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