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Just purchased 2002 S3 quatro 8L BAM. Heated seats not working

Roop May 5, 2009

  1. Roop

    Roop TWOCA wote off my VR6 Highline


    Just baught the above car. comletely standard except for a Forge induction kit/filter its every bit as good as i thought it would be :)

    the only issues i have with it it the heated seats dont work - both of them - i could be unlucky and both the elements have gone but more than likely the fuse? or is there something else that can go - other than the relays - which i had on my VR6.

    the other very minor issue is the anoying wine i get from the radio (symphony/bose) when listening to AM which miraculously goes away when i switch of the driver information system display from the control stalk!

    any ideas guys would be much appreciated.

    many thanks


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