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just pick it back up from audi

jzr172 Apr 3, 2010

  1. jzr172

    jzr172 New Member

    just picked me 05 sline tdi back up. the car has been shudering and smoking now and again. We picked it up and they said it was the tanjent pump ?????, never heard of it be for. said that the oil was mixing with the fuel. Not happy tho there is deseil all over the engine bay and oil. My car is stinking like a petrol station.

    On the good side had the lend of 10 plate 1.8turbo s line all the toys. But oh my god is it slow. I checked they do 2 models one 117bhp and the other 160bhp. I thought must have been the first one but was told today no its the 160bhp. There bloody thirsty aswell 29mpg on the motorway:hubbahubba:

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