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Just one question and a half?

Alonzo Dec 17, 2003

  1. Alonzo

    Alonzo Member

    Hi all,
    Ive just purchased an A3 TDI Quattro (02 plate)after driving half the distance of the country to test drive the petrol version which decided to run on 3 cylinders.....so decided to t-drive one of their TDI quattro's which to my amazement seemed much faster all the way through the rev band??? and maintained around 42MPG according to the onboard computer so i made the plunge.
    Now for the maths.....
    At the limit the car (quite rarely but twice a fortnight on average)suddenly decided to lose all its power and lost the ability to use its turbo?? strange it may seem and could be quite dangerouse when overtaking but pulling over and turning the ignition on/off reset this fault and it was fine till the next time.
    So the car had been into the audi dealers locally and miles away where i bought it and they said that the onboard ecu had logged the faults but it doesnt give a name for what they are??
    Long story short its had a new turbo (£1800+) New flow gate (£????)and all the piping replaced and it was no better!!
    I had the previous owners number and he wouldnt return my calls!!
    So the dealer i bought the car off had and turned up at the previous owners address and had it out with him.....
    Another long story short he admitted to modifying the car with what sounds like a remap which at the limit in order to prevent the car doing any mechanical damage (his words) shuts the turbo off until reset..
    Seriously this car goes 0-60 in around 5.5 seconds....so god knows what else has been done to it??
    Either way the dealers technicians and even Audi's "special" technicians were working on my car trying to find a fault and couldnt until the previous owner spilled the beans.
    My dealer said "seeing as its near impossible to detect then your warranty remains intact" (i swear to this) but my main worry is reliability fair enough its in warranty but Do these remaps do damage to the car? workmates say it should have uprated camshaft/head gaskets/gearbox etc etc and if it was so simple and fault free then Audi would of put it in from the start and made more money on the car by selling it at a higher price etc.
    I swear the above is nothing but the honest truth and would like the same back.......
    Thanks for reading the very long above and i look forward to your replies.
    P.S the car i bought and signed for is completely standard by my log book etc so incase of mechanical failure i can plead ignorance etc as my previous car was nissans little micra /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush2.gif



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