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Just Joined - looking at an S3 next

TerryCTR May 2, 2012

  1. TerryCTR

    TerryCTR Member

    Alright, as the title suggests im looking at getting in an S3 next and this looked to be the best forum to read up on them a bit more.
    Toying between the current Black editions or waiting for the new model coming - really not sure what to do.

    Ive had a TTC S line in the past but rejected it after well known seat sag issues and I did think of going for a TTS this time around but its a big jump in monthly payments and I think I would be happy with the S3 even though the TT guys would say otherwise.

    I took a massive hit losing alot of money when I stupidly bought a Mazda Rx8 R3 after the TT (great car to drive) but running costs were a joke and it went from £26k to circa £10k in a year so I went back to the Hondas and currently am trying to get rid of an import jdm civic type r so I can hopefully own an S3.

    Ive been told not to spec mag ride as its no use for the uk roads and get the bucket seats instead - what are your thoughts on this?


  2. audiv8quattro

    audiv8quattro Member

    Hi mate welcome to asn post on the s3 section of the forum I'm sure they will help you out.
    Ha ha Sandra beat you to it lol
  3. TerryCTR

    TerryCTR Member

    Thanks mate, yeah will do I just wanted to start off with an introduction in the correct place

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