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Just has a rental A3 TDI 170 delivered!!

simch Jan 16, 2007

  1. simch

    simch Active Member

    out in germany this week and the rubbish astra I had from the airport monday started playing up, the blip locking would not work, and only the drivers door would lock on the key!! And the rear brake discs were hugely warped, so Avis took it back today and just delviered me an A3 tdi170.

    Went for a blat down the autobahn, about 10 k trip in all. Set off showing 790km range on the DIS, came back and it showed 660km.....!!WTF, thought these diesels are emant to be economical.

    Only a short i mile bit of derestricted and got just short of 230kms out of it.......very noisy on winter tyres, but seemed to go ok!
    will have another Avis Speed run later tonight and see if I can top the 260kmh indicated 151mph gps run I got in the Alfa GT I got from them when I was last over here.....!?!??! Dont think I will do it without a cliff!

    But overall its seems quite nice so far....!

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