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Just had the '6 AMDd

installer69 Nov 22, 2004

  1. installer69

    installer69 Member

    Got round to it at last. Waited 'till the first service was out of the way and booked her in.

    Drove up with the wife on the Sunday (left the kids with Nanny) Stayed at the rather fine Bignell Park Hotel. Good rooms and thoroughly recommended. (details on amd website)

    Dropped the car in and got a lift to Bicester for a bit of early Christmas shopping in the high street. Had a spot of lunch and a beer in the moons pub then got the return to base phone call.

    I got home on a quarter of a tank of fuel!!! Sure, it goes better and is much more responsive and the stupid jerky gear change characteristic is all but gone on kickdown, but the main thing for me as a tight b'stard is that it is so much more economical.

    I've just picked up a 911 (996) so I've asked amd what they can sort out for that as well.

    I haven't any experience of the other tuners but this option has certainly hit the spot with me.

  2. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    What mpg do you get? Maybe I could do some maths to convince the Mrs we need to upgrade! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/goofy.gif
  3. EvilTad

    EvilTad Member

    Does the 93 have the same seats as the Vectra? Know Vectra and one of the SAAB share the same epsilion seat. Isofix is an option, but is part of the seat frame. Basically, when you fit a SAAB childseat into the bracket it disables the Airbag.

    But if it hasn't go the isofix (which was a rare option on Vectras) then you are fuct.
  4. natedog

    natedog Member

    mm im kinda thinking about this as well when I get home as they haev a rgeat deal on... Do you notice a big difference?
  5. Mudplugger2

    Mudplugger2 New Member

    Had a Mileck exaust plus cats stage 3 upgrdade by AMD 18 months ago. Cost £4k but my Avant sounds great agree gear change is better, I can change when I want not when Audi tell me. Get 22mpg on a regualr basis.

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