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Just had my car...

Jonc Aug 5, 2004

  1. Jonc

    Jonc Member

    ....Upsoluted. Simon Coe from CCCTechnology came to me to fit the chip saving me a journey. Simon is a top bloke and really knows his stuff. My A4 1.8TQ really pulls from low down especially in 2nd and 3rd and doesn't stop pulling until 6000rpm. Definitely loads more grunt through out the rev range and in any gear. I did a bit of research on the different chips out there and although it doesn't have the benefit of it rolling roaded, but at £305 and him coming to me, its money well spent IMO. They quote 211bhp and 221lbft and it certainly feels it.

  2. duane

    duane Member

    Has anyone you know used superchips before? I am asking because i am booked in to get my car chipped by them next week and would like to get some feedback if possible. Thankyou.

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