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Just had cruise control fitted

markpetty Jun 20, 2005

  1. markpetty

    markpetty Member

    Hi everyone, last weekend I had cruise fitted to my 1.8T 190PS 6 speed manual. I've wanted it for a while because I've heard it improves economy slightly and also I figured I could use it through heavy speed camera areas e.g. London north circular, motorway roadworks etc... er and also I can't resist new toys and gadgets. A guy from these forums stratty31 fitted it (OEM parts) for £150 less than AmD quoted me, he's a nice guy and easily fitted it with no probs in about 45 minutes. The cruise is pretty sweet and a nice intuitive system, plus it works well with my particular engine 'cause it's got good torque spread and even lets me cruise at 30mph in 6th at barely above tickover! I'm not sure if this is good for the engine or not but it's quiet and I can't hear it labouring. If you're interested for the same reasons as me or maybe you want it to use with a switchable ECU upgrade then it's worth PM-ing him.
  2. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    Thats well worth it then. I have cruise on my S4 and never missed it until I had it!.
    Think it is better on fuel since the increase to resume cruise is quite gentle.
    Is your stalk a replacement for the indicator or an extra stalk?
    What was the total cost?
  3. markpetty

    markpetty Member

    It's an extra stalk, I needed a new section of steering column cowling, the stalk and a new control unit.

    Total cost was £250. I'd been quoted £400 by AmD and didn't bother getting a quote from a dealer but was under the impression that it would be similar or more.

    I think that garages shoot themselves in the foot with their high prices. If extras such as cruise control and parking sensors - which are relatively simple to fit - were cheaper then I think more people would buy them as dealer fit options. Dealers would end up making more money as people gradually added items to their car as they wanted them.

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