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Just got my a4 sport few issues found

bradh May 25, 2013

  1. bradh

    bradh Active Member VCDS Map User

    Hi chap 1st post out side newbi section
    picked up my 2003 a4 sport today and as u do iv found a few niggely issues I'd like to sort out

    1st rear boot handle seems to not work at all I have to put key in lock and in lock it , simple fix or pain in the ****??
    2nd rear wash wipe is seized solid have un seized this so fingers crossed that's sorted
    3 drivers seat back has come un done plastic section is attached at the top but not bottom again simple fix if So how?
    4th in need or rear parcel roller shelf but I don't know what colour my interia is , is there a sticker some ware like there is on the vws telling u what spec and colour is it
    5th window switched look very very tatty I'd like to replace does the door card need to come off to get them out?
    6th radio pixels have gone right threw the middle of the words can this be fixed or easier to replace

    think that's all I can find for now So thanks for any help :)
  2. Audi Doodah

    Audi Doodah Active Member


    1 - most likely a dead solenoid. Boot trim is a PITA to get off
    2 - they corrode internally and fill the gearing with rust and water then clog the jet. Check it out while you have the boot trim off
    3 - Glue!?!?
    4 - Not sure if they are colour matched. Mines much darker than the rest of my interior but I don't sit in the boot looking at it :laugh:
    5- Yes
    6 - The radio itself...not sure. The instrument cluster screen...vaguely remember a thread describing fitting a good screen from another identical cluster but not 100%. If it needs to be the whole cluster then be aware that your immobilizer chip lives in here and various codes and stuff are needed when swapping
  3. bradh

    bradh Active Member VCDS Map User

    Ha ha yes boot trim was a night mare to remove currently missing some skin off one finger!!! Not looking forward to re fitting it !!!!!!
    ok ill have a bash at my list tomora as fir the pixel issue it's on the actual stereo not the dash display
  4. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    the interiors are colour coded
    should be a small white paper sticker in your service book with lots of 3 letter codes and one stuck to either your boot floor or under the 2 rear passenger seats
    you can decode the numbers to give you the interior code and find out the exact colour
  5. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Breaking a 1.9Tdi quattro sport so i have most of the bits you might need Bradth...saloon though !
  6. bradh

    bradh Active Member VCDS Map User

    Ok cool erm mines got keep fit rear windows so I need drivers window switch for front elec windows only
    If you can send me a pm witch prices inc postage please that be handy ;)

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