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Just got a Audi A4 1.9 tdi 110

Mehmet Jan 8, 2010

  1. Mehmet

    Mehmet Member

    Alright guys, Been on this forum for sometime now i had a audi a3.

    Sold that as it was a 1.6 and now got a 97 Audi A4 TDi 110 bhp the SE model in green with the rear spoiler etc... I am loving the torquey diesel its at 74k Miles with full service history exellent condition inside out.

    I paid £2,000 for it.

    Good price or Bad?

    Also i am looking to upgrade engine performance, I am guessing i have choosen the right engine to do that too?

    Ill upload some pics later tonight.

  2. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member

    crikey, that is a fair bit of money. its getting on for 13 years old!
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    The best engines the VAG group came up with ! 2k is a bit steep but- if genuine mileage- it will go to intergalactic mileage with minimum maintenance. Folks in USA eeked 200+Bhp out of them engines with bolt-on upgrades: VNT 17/20 turbocharger, transporter T4 150Bhp injector nozzles, 12mm pump head, and chipped ECU. Funny thing they feel better at 140-160Bhp than the 1.9PD Tdi at 180Bhp and they are bullet-proof ! On top of that they will return 50Mpg+ all day long !
  4. sigibbons

    sigibbons New Member

    Wicked info adamss24!

    Get some pics up Mehmet! Sounds nice.
  5. robw3101

    robw3101 New Member

    I recently bought the avant version same engine, am looking to get it remapped upto 143 bhp (they claim) which i think will be sufficient from a mapping.

    Was also looking to change the wheels and not sure how big i can go, was looking at some s4 17" 5 spokes, and also some 18" sline 5 spokes too... does anyone have any suggestions, i was contemplating lowering the suspension too but not sure how far and which size wheels to go for.. Its black with chrome roofbars and im looking for subtle mods to make it look nicer, wheels are a start but are there any subtle mods to the body anyone can suggest ?

    Another thing i was looking to change is air filter for a performance filter ? any suggestions am i better sticking with a flat panel filter or should i go down the cone route...

    Sorry im a bit new to modifying and posted on this thread as Mehmet may benefit from the advice aswell...


  6. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Forget the "performance" filter, waste of time.

    As for the wheels its personal tastes really, i dont like the S4 wheels much, but the ronal boleros fitted to 1.8TQS models look awesome. 18's will fit just fine, as long as you dont go silly wide or silly offset.

    Again personal taste, but if i had a black car i'd be ditching the chrome roof bars etc, dont like the chrome at all.

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