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Just fitted a detachable towbar

l5tuy May 11, 2012

  1. l5tuy

    l5tuy Member

    Delivery driver brung me some goodies today in the form of a witter detachable towbar so thought I would fit it. It's taken me best part of the night to do it but this also involved keeping my eye on my 3 yr old who was 'helping' me:)

    Anyway just thought I would let people know how easy it was, before thinking about giving Audi silly money for this addition try it yourself. I paid £170 for the towbar from PF Jones and this included electrics but not sure how I'm connecting this yet.

    I have taken some pics but don't know yet how to get them from my IPad to here.

    If anyone is thinking of doing it and need advice feel free to get in touch. I may do a proper write up if I get the time.

    l 5TUY
  2. Soft lad

    Soft lad Member

    Hi there. Yeah do the write up. I wanted to do this sometime ago as a way of moving my bikes etc around but we stumped for the, at the time, cheaper option of roof bars. I often still think about fitting a towbar.

    I understand the wiring needs to go through a smart box which is £70 so the car doesn't think you have a bulb issue. A local fitter to me said they have done loads of A4's. ​
  3. scott b

    scott b Active Member VCDS Map User

    if you need advice when it comes to the wiring give us a shout, fit towbars for a living, and as above you will need a smart relay these are around the £20 mark, or if your local to manchester and want it wiring up, give us a shout
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  4. wallace78

    wallace78 Member

    im taking one of my mates car and putting it on mine can any1 show me wats wires too disconect on his,thnx

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