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Just fiitted the Honda S2000 Air Filter Mod

bree9482 Aug 8, 2013

  1. bree9482

    bree9482 Member

    Hey Guys just fitted the S2K Filter, Sounds Awesome !! :arco:

    S2K Filter 1.jpg S2K Filter 3.jpg S2K Filter 2.jpg

    I have not put a jubilee clip on the filter side as it was a Moth****cker to get in and it was really tight. Is this ok ??

    Also in the 3rd pic, im not sure what the black plastic hose is, and where to put it ??

    When l had the airbox out, l noticed quite a lot of oil mess. I can not be sure where its coing from, but l check my oil reg and its at normal level !! Here is a pic, let me know if you think its a bad one !!

    S2K Filter 4.jpg

    I think it may be coming from the rocker cover gasket as it looks grimey all along one side of the rocker cover, how hard is it to do the rocker cover gasket ?? Are there any special tools req ??

    Cheers Guys in advance for any help !!

  2. CMcKenzie

    CMcKenzie It's supposed to do that..

    The hose in the 3rd pic is the secondary air intake, Most (like me) have just cable tied it up out of the way, you can put a filter on it, or say a pair of tights and an elastic band or something, but I know of others that haven't bothered.
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  3. bree9482

    bree9482 Member

    Awesome mate thank you !! :)

    I really want to get rid of the SAI and also fit a catch can as my idle problem is probibaly related to one of these systems !!

    My erratic idle - YouTube

    Thanks for the help dude !!
  4. Lemon S3

    Lemon S3 Alex

    Yeah as Callum said, that's your SAI and can either leave it, filter it or like myself and many others, delete it. Also, it might be an idea to put a jubilee clip on your filter as when it gets hot under there, the silicone hose will get pretty soft and may work it's way loose. You don't have to take the filter off to do this, just undo the jubilee all the way, wrap it round and do it back up again :)
  5. bree9482

    bree9482 Member

    Thanks mate will do !! To be honest l only never done it becausel was sent 2 x 70 - 90 mm jubilee clips and l could not get it over lol Ill buy a biigger 1 today and put it on

  6. vrbob

    vrbob Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!

  7. bree9482

    bree9482 Member

  8. Tim_Attard

    Tim_Attard Active Member

    do a sai delete, and while doing so you will remove the combi valve that has all that messy oil on it which will give you time to clean it all up and at the same time replace gaskets all sorted for 1hrs work
  9. bree9482

    bree9482 Member

    l am really considering the sai delete !! I still have this idle issue and doing the sai and n249 delete should take away a lot of pipe work that has the potential to cause a vac leak !!

    Im really a noob at all this stuff, so it's a bit daunting lol

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