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Just changed PAS pump

bucks_a4 Oct 23, 2009

  1. bucks_a4

    bucks_a4 Member

    Finally managed to change my pump today to get rid of the awful groaning noise on steering, after being diagnosed as the pump. IT was a bit of a nightmare, managed to get the car into service position but didnt remove anything else so it was a tight working area. After a lot of swearing, finally got the new (well, from breakers) pump in.

    No more noise! well, there still is a small amount, but within an acceptable level and probably becuase the pump is not brand new, but im well chuffed, sounds normal again!

    I didnt get any pics unfortunately as i didnt have much time before it got dark, but if anyone needs to do it, give me a PM and ill try to answer any questions

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