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Just bought my first fast Audi (B5 S4 Avant). Help please?

ManchesterS4 May 30, 2010

  1. ManchesterS4

    ManchesterS4 New Member

    Hi All,

    Just got the S4, its an Avant in silver, 1999V, black leather, 86k miles, very straight and totally standard. Im based in Manchester, UK. So far so good. Don't seem to be any major issues but I do need to source a few bits and have some initial questions if you can help? Cheers!

    1. The rear view mirror seems to have a very thin layer of oil in it..this doesn't seem right, it looks like it could be self dipping. Anyone had this problem?

    2. I need a good carpet mat kit, can anyone recommend one? Don't want any logos, just plain black but good quality that will fix to original fastners.

    3. Can anyone recommend a good Audi breaker? I need a rear lens.

    4. Do any Audi dealers do discounted servicing in the NW? Ideally Im looking to keep the full AFSH going but would like a discount (as I used to get for taking my 10 year old BMW to BMW)

    5. Is there a workshop manual available for this car?

    6. Where can I get decent new Audi parts from? I will need some rear discs soon.

    Long list lads, but any help gratefully received! Thanks, Guy.

    PS old car is a Z3M Coupe if anyone is interested in buying......

  2. theviking

    theviking Member

    try e bay for rear lense german kings are reasonable and in manchester not sure where tho mats try rim style they tylor make em expesive but good dont think audi do discounts they are gold merchants hope helps
  3. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    1. Sounds like you must have the auto dimming option. Probably cost a fair bit to replace.

    2. Autostyle come highly recommended.

    3. Check on eGay. There are always S4's being broken there. Alternatively stick up some wanted posts on AudiSRS.

    4. Dealers, no. Wouldn't waste your time anyway, as very few service departments at main dealerships get a chance to work on these engines. Get yourself to a specialist. Any enthusiast with one of these cars will probably tell you that if they were in the market for one again that they would prefer to see service stamps from a specialist rather than a main dealer. Unit20 over on the Wirral are your nearest S/RS specialist. I've been using them for the 3.5 years i've owned mine. They come very highly rated over on AudiSRS and RS246.

    5. The only S4 specific manuals I am aware of are from Bentley and they cost a fortune.

    6. Stoke Audi give discount for forum members. I've been using them for a while now.
  4. Ash2341

    Ash2341 Member

    i would agree with all points here.

    Sod the Audi dealerships for any work on your S4 mate, go to Unit 20 on the Wirral, well worth the small drive from manchester. they will do an amazing job on your car at good prices and are also good blokes all round. As said above, most people who have had an S4/RS4 say they would prefer a specialist rather than an audi dealership work on their cars. i would trust grizz and lee at unit 20 with my car all year long, go with them. Also have a look at audisrs as well for some good info on the s4, as well as on here as well of course!

  5. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group s tronic

    In respect to the workshop manuals, get your self a copy of etka & elaswin off ebay, that will give you a good workshop manual & the parts listing for your car.
  6. ManchesterS4

    ManchesterS4 New Member

    Thanks for the input lads. Will give Unit20 a call, thought they only looked at rs6's?
  7. Fraser

    Fraser Member

    nope all fast and non fast audis

    plus anything VAG (lambo's etc) or non VAG as well

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