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Just bought an S3 but not sure if it's 265bhp

Lee_shep Mar 22, 2008

  1. Lee_shep

    Lee_shep Member


    I'm new to this forum and bought a 2001 S3 Yesterday.. The reg is S3 DWY ith a low mileage of 48k. I'm not sure if anyone knows this car but I travelled a near 300 miles to get it and the same back home. Anyway I have a receipt from a company called Performance Driven of Taunton for a remap to 265bhp.. It was only last year but I'm not convinced that it's running at it's full potential! I think it's putting around 210bhp out at the moment but I might be wrong. I just wondered if the is a noticeable difference between a standard S3 and one thats been mapped? And is there anythimg I can look at on the car to tell if it's been mapped? It has had cruise control fitted at the same time and the map is an APR single program.

  2. DaveMK^

    DaveMK^ Member

    What makes you think its only running 210? Is there anyone around you that has a car with similar power or a standard S3 you can run against?

    I have mine mapped recently and its definately quicker than stock.
  3. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    What cars have you drove? Have you phoned the company and asked about the remap?
  4. Starry

    Starry S3 8P stage 2+

    if you are expecting 260bhp power then you will be disapointed as the car is such a fat ass, if you have a go in a inprezta or mitsubishi evo at 260bhp then the s3 will fill slow. but if you have a go in a stock s3 then it should feel fast'ish.
  5. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    To know for sure, either call the company, get a boost gauge or run it on a rolling road.
  6. nick-barnes07

    nick-barnes07 Member

    check the n75 valve aint knackered as mine is and it feels slow most days, and rapid the other days, will be getting a new one on monday
  7. Lee_shep

    Lee_shep Member

    My last car was a Golf VR6 and it was a very quick one, full of torque. The S3 just doesnt feel that fast to be honest, I was expecting it to throw me back in my seat! I had a go at a polo G40 yesterday and I had the edge but only just, I thought the S3 should have ruined it.. I think I'd better have it rolling road tuned when I get paid, do Awesome do these? What's the N75 valve? I know the car has had the standard dump valve (not sure its correct name) replaced with a steel one at the time of the map. I took it on a private road an it doesnt seem to have much left in it over 100.. My VR used to fly all the way to 150! I know they are only 1.8t's but I expected more from a car with 265bhp.
  8. keendean

    keendean Member

    Have a specialist put it on vag-com, the Maf could be on the way out, or it could be anything. As soon as I bought my S3, I took it to Jabba for a full service and a clean bill of health for piece of mind. On a private road, it does see 100+ easily. Remember that the S3 does weigh a lot, and has a small-ish turbo, so you will not have the push back in the seat effect the early Evo's and Subarus give you with their Td05's. :) But they are an enjoyable car, they just need a few mods to extract the hidden potential. Have look at the stickies above for some specific tunining advice.
    Btw-I owned a supercharged Corrado VR, lots of fun, but little traction :)
  9. Lee_shep

    Lee_shep Member

    I'm going to get it booked into a rolling road.. I know someone who is a mechanic for Audi in Blackburn, I think he should be able to tell me if it's all running properly.

    Nice car, I bet that used some fuel! I've always wanted a Corrado.. There was a nice TT powered one for sale on Pistonheads, I nearly bought it but I'd always an S3.
  10. Lee_shep

    Lee_shep Member

    Well I was right, the car was nowhere near 265bhp! I took it down to my mate at Audi who plugged it in to the vagcom! It told us that the car was losing pressure through the forge dump valve! My mate didnt have time to look into it so I went back to work and took the cover off the engine and noticed a pipe with a split in it 90% of the way round. I trimmed it down and put a new jubilee clip on and took it for a spin! I'm no longer disappointed with my S3.. I thought it would make a difference but not this much!
  11. phantom

    phantom On Boost

    Good arrows!

  12. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    i had a similar problem mate..... took few hours to get it sorted and woahhhhhh what a difference, then had it mapped minutes after the repair to make sure the smile stayed:hubbahubba:

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