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Just bought an 2001 S4, have some questions...

samuel_adam Apr 30, 2004

  1. samuel_adam

    samuel_adam New Member

    Hi, i just purchased a 2001 s4 wagon. I really like the silver chrome mirrors that comes standard with the sport package, but unfortunately the s4 i bought is not the sport package. I was wondering if i can just change out the mirror to the chrome ones? Would you guys happen to know where i can get this part? And is it just the outside casing of the mirror, or is it the whoe mirror??

    BTW, can someone tell me the differences between a sport package and NON sport package (is this call the premium package or?)?

    Thanks a million!!

  2. godwine

    godwine Member

    The chromed mirror is only the cover, you can purchase it at various mod shops... where are you located? As for the sport and the non sport, I believe the S4 sport has different rims, the mirror, and the special seat, otherwise there is no difference from the standard S4... not sure what the stock package is call though

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