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Just bought a 96 A6 2.6 V6 SE

96a6v6 Oct 21, 2007

  1. 96a6v6

    96a6v6 Member


    I have just bought a 1996 A6 2.6 V6 SE (manual), collect it from the garage on Thursday, after it has been mot'd and serviced.

    One owner from new

    Does anyone have any technical specs on this model, such as bhp, torque, fuel tank size etc, road tests from this era would be good to read too !

    Hopefully I will be back enjoying some Audi motoring, having previously owned an 100 GL5E, 200Turbo, Coupe 16v
  2. Magic

    Magic New Member

    I m a owner similar model 1997 A6 2.6 V6 SE.
    It does :
    -tank approx 80l
    -Windscreen washer cointaner approx 4.4l
    - with headlight washer system approx 6.4l
    - 6 cylinder engine 110kW- 128kW 5.0l of oil
    142kW 5.5l of of oil
    - Lenght 4797 mm
    - Widht 1783 mm
    - Height 1420-1431 depends on the engine version
    - Turning circle diameter 11.45m
    - Weight approx 2t.
    - Figures in litres/100km
    90km/h - 7.3l
    120km/h - 8.9l
    urban cycle - 13l
    Max speed 219km/h
    0-100km/h 9.1s
    Torque :
    - 110kW(150KM)5500RPM Max torque moment 225nm/3500rpm
    -128kW(174KM)5500RPM ------=------------245nm/3500rpm/250nm when using 98 RON

    I hope it will be helpful,if u have other question please fell free to ask.
  3. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    I've got the 2.6 lump in my 96 A4. It's a good engine.
  4. Magic

    Magic New Member

    good engine and quite economic,on my last holidays i was driving to Poland 90km/h and my engine used 6.9l/100km But driving with that speed is like suicide,i wanted go sleep.

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