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just bought 2001 1.8t great car with endless mod list lol to be done.

simon_lenard Mar 31, 2013

  1. simon_lenard

    simon_lenard New Member

    Hi all just bought audi a3 1.8t great little car already with few engine mods giving 220bhp output and great torque.
    now it is time for some interior and exterior bits.
    -yesterday i bought rear s3 bumper and i was really exited to fit it just to find out exhaust pipes are in the way- gutted. And here we have first question can i bend modify exhaust to put s3 bumper? i dont really fancy buying a new exhaust just for bumper.
    -s3 door blades are they straight fit to a3?
    -s3 front bumper i know it wont fit perfectly but i will get it anyway as it looks great.
    -s3 interior i am bidding on one but i don't have plugs for electric adjustment is it hard to run extra power line? i cant find any guide?
    -i have broken speedo (missing pixel lines) so i want to swap for s3 can i do that (i mean can it be programmed to my car)
    -i have coli-overs on the back and i am not happy with that i want original suspension. i bought springs from s3 are they same as on original a3 1.8 t?
    thank you in advance for comments, info, help?
  2. simon_lenard

    simon_lenard New Member

    here it is

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  3. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    Very nice.
  4. future

    future Scuderia Vittoria Edition 001

    looks very nice! In answer to your questions;
    You can modify your original exhaust to fit, depending on how competant you are/feel though you may want to take it to a garage for this.
    I believe OE s3 door blades will not fit a3's as the dont have the runners.
    The clocks can be swapped across but will need to be coded to the ecu and key
    The s3 springs were a higher spring rate iirc but the shocks dont fit because of the arb at the front and the way the shock is mounted on the rear.

    Hope this helps and im sure people in the know will be along to correct me and answer your other questions
  5. sportquattro

    sportquattro Active Member

    S3 rear suspension wont fit yours unless you have a quattro A3, the rear setup is totally diifferent to the FWD A3's
  6. simon_lenard

    simon_lenard New Member

    hi guys thanks for help

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