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Just Bluefin'ed my 07 2.0TDI 140!

mcmasman May 12, 2008

  1. mcmasman

    mcmasman Member

    Hi everyone, I have been a member of this forum for over a year now, doing a lot more reading than writing usually.

    I have just recently purchased Bluefin by Superchips and I thought I would share my experience so far. I have decided to go with Bluefin because some of the posts I've seen on this forum, but also because Bluefin is cheaper than PPC (A Swedish tuning company) here in Norway.

    I've ordered via the phone last Thursday, the guy who answered was very easy to talk to and had answers to all my questions, some of which I already knew the answer but was just double checking. I mentioned about this forum and received a 10% discount.

    To my surprise, the package arrived the very next day at my door before the work day finished. (DHL express from UK to Norway) I was impressed with their processing speed.

    The package was well packed, the Bluefin control is bigger than what I thought it would be, but looks just like as their web site advertised. I followed the instruction which came with the control and plugged into my car to download the factory map ... ignition on, ignition off, 10 mins later I was ready to set my PC up with the software to upload to the Superchips server.

    First I installed the Bluefin software from the CD which came with the package, then updated the software version from the superchips web site so it is up-to-date. I also had to install a driver from the CD for the Bluefin control. After the hardware and software are setup, I've made several attempts to upload the map with no success; the blue software was telling me that there was an "unexpected error" at the end of each of the transfer.

    I called Superchips Tech hotline on Monday to get some help, and I must say that their support was excellent. They told me that they can see I was trying to upload my map during the weekend but they didn't receive any data. They advised me to use Window XP rather than Vista if possible, also turning off all firewall and virus programs. 10 minutes later and my map was uploaded successfully to the server. I immediately called back to the Tech support to confirm; not only they have received my transfer, they also told me that I can restart the program and start downloading the remap immediately.

    Today it was really my first chance to test out my investment, by driving 230 Km home on the Norwegian E18 highway, I was quite happy with the way the car feels. 60 - 100 km/h acceleration improvement was most noticeable to me. First gear was still very use-able and in general, all gears felt more solid and pronounced. I don't plan to take the car on rolling road to confirm any figure improvements, what is most important to me is that I can feel the difference when I am driving. I not fuss about if I really have 177 bhp and 395 Nm after remap or not, as long as I can feel the improvements on the roads.

    So, thanks to everyone who have shared their Bluefin experience, I felt like a knowledgable customer right at the beginning.:laugh:
  2. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    Awesome mate!

    Their customer service seems to be second to none. Something that I find quite important as a consumer. I paid £50 extra for the TV I bought recently to get it from Amazon not some funny website I had never heard of.

    The map is the most important thing though of course. I think, as I have said before, if you're not looking for out and out gains then Bluefin is the way to go.

  3. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member

    The map will get better as the car adapts, I had Revo installed on mine and while I could tell it was quicker it took a few days to fully recieve the benefits.

    Good write up, enjoy the car!

  4. Spin140

    Spin140 Well-Known Member

    Majority of superchips/bluefin users are more than happy with the results. There has been some discontent amongst S3 owners even though the power gains have been measured by a member recently, perhaps SC need to look at a new map for the S3 that delivers greater torque low down so that the benefits are more noticeable.

    Glad you are pleased with yours and great write up, I've had 4 x 2.0tdi remapped by them to date and all have hit the figures quoted with 3/4 exceeding them, enjoy that extra power :)
  5. redbutcher

    redbutcher Member

    Great news mate - glad you're pleased. Mine's been on the car for about 9000 miles now and I still love it :)

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