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Just been to santa pod

trevorb33 Jan 22, 2006

  1. trevorb33

    trevorb33 Member

    Ive just been to santa pod for the first run of the year, its the first time ive been and what an experience, albeit a bit disorganised and the flaming fog this morning didnt help, ive got a a3 with just CAI and zorst and my best time was 16.2 @ 88MPH, is that any good, i thought it werent bad for a first go, dont think i could have got it much quicker, raced a rather lary Ford Capri bright yellow, he wooped me, twice, and then raced a Suzuki Baleno driven by a women, safe to say i beat her twice, my quickest reaction time was 0.4 secs which i thought was not bad, anyone else been, saw a nice s4 there today with a slightly burnt out clutch from the smell of it.

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