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Just Back from JBS!

naefeart Mar 1, 2008

  1. naefeart

    naefeart Bonkers

    Well after a lot of thinking and rethinking and a rather long trek down south and back, the A4 is now sporting a stage 1 chip and a Forge diverter valve - courtesy of the folks at JBS.

    The change is very obvious - the car seems to run smoother, and the pull through the midrange is very pronounced. Having had much faster cars before the Audi, I'm very impressed with how the Audi now pulls after 3.5K revs - even in 5th. I think I even noticed 2-3mpg extra on the run back up :)

    With the exhaust system and downpipe fitted, the car had showed around 190bhp and 190 lbs/ft on the dyno at Star last year. JBS quote around 205-210bhp and 230-235 lbs/ft for their stage one custom code chip - so I have no idea what the car is at now.

    I decided to go to JBS as they appear to have a good reputation on this forum, especially with the A3/S3 boys. Also they were happy enough to physically change the chip on my car - my ecu was the old type that couldn't be reflashed. Oh and the 30% discount helped too:icon_thumright:

    So all in all I am quite pleased, the car performs more like I think it should have done out of the factory, and the friendly chaps at JBS have proved to me that good customer service still exists.

    I hadn't intended to do any major upgrades to this car when we got it - it was only bought as a 2nd car for the mrs, but now I really fancy a bt upgrade :rockwoot: Now if only JBS were a bit closer....


    ps there was one wee problem on our trip. The mrs has managed to jam the cigarette lighter comprtment closed (was using it to power the tom tom) and now it wont open - any ideas chaps?
  2. mike1234

    mike1234 New Member

    remove the ashtray and pull the whole unit out only connected by small clips then remove cigatette lighter from housing at the rear
  3. naefeart

    naefeart Bonkers

    Hey Mike,

    Bit confused tbh. I've had a good look and it looks like the centre console between the front seats has to come out to gain access to the lighter.

    I've tried to find a pic of the underside of the console but no joy. I'm gonna have a look to see if I can get to the cig lighter by coming from the opposite side - removing the gear-shift surround and possibly the center trim around that.

    I dont want to have to remove los of bits if I can get away with it

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