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just answer the question...

monkey_lewis May 23, 2012

  1. monkey_lewis

    monkey_lewis Reverse Gear

    right, forums... not this one so much but if you put something on a forum, for instance i asked on the saxo forum does anyone know of an ecu that can switch maps quickly whilst running, its for racing perposes and was thinking of having a switch on first so when im in first its a progessive map for launching and when you switch out of first you disengage the switch and it loads the savage racing map... its all just to help get that little edge over everyone else...

    the answers i got...
    -put better tyres on... i cant there controlled tyres
    -spend a day at the drag strip... not helpful the start of a dragstrip is really rubbered in and not like the start line on a race track
    -dont launch so hard if youve got a faster car youll still win... the cars are almost the same, if i dont launch hard ill be hit in the back...

    cant you just answer the questions that ive asked sensibly rather than trying to be the big ****... im not that stupid obviously im thinking along the lines of getting round traction control (against the rules) and being as fast as possible...

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