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Just about to buy an S4

anthor May 5, 2004

  1. anthor

    anthor New Member

    Hi there people

    I am days off of buying a new S4, one minute I was single the next I had a wife and 2 large dogs!! I would appreciate any advice on my choice of car.

    S4 Avant Tiptronic in Nogaro Blue with Silver silk nappa int. Aluminium fascia, cruise ctrl, armrest, heated front seats, Symphony & acoustic rear park.

    The deal so far has seen 1500 knocked off the total price. I bet it was a cancelled order judging by the speed at which the discount was offered. The spec is roughly what I would have chosen apart from the lack of dimming mirrors all round.

    So I have test driven it and it is great, but what is it like to own, drive, service... Thanks in advance for any little gems of information.....


  2. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    I stand by my original post....

    "...be prepared to own a German car; they will always demand your time, patience and checkbook. But you will love it for what it gives back to you."
  3. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    Well for anyone else reading the above, having owned one of the very first UK S4s a 1997 model. I suffered none of the above. But the writer is correct. However, there is some debate about the modified oil lines to the turbo as there is no mention of this in ETKA according to one poster on RS246.com.

    For the record there is nothing wrong with a chipped S4. The engine transmission is good for well over 450bhp and similar torque but of course you will wear things out quicker. But a simple remap/chip to approx 320 bhp especially for the US models (250bhp over Euro 265bhp) REALLY transforms these cars. Like any performance you can expect some problems my now Sept 2000 RS4 is having two new turbos fitted after an oil seal failed. The car has only 34K miles on the clock. My previous chipped S4 had 60+K on the clock and was chipped from 45K. No significant probs. The throtal body boot costs buttons to both buy and fit as does the DVs.

    Just my 2p

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