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just a quick hello from the south east

tezmanian devil Nov 6, 2011

  1. tezmanian devil

    tezmanian devil New Member

    hi all, im new to the site so thought id say hello quickly and tell y'all abit about myself.

    so... hello, my names terry, im 25 and have just bought an audi a3 1.8t

    im completly new to audi ownership so please bare with me, im sure il be asking alot of questions over the next few weeks to clue myself up abit about these cars as i know nothing atm :( usually a ford nut but the time has come for a change!

    anyway, here's a couple of pics of my a3 :)

    when i bought it...


    and how she stands now :)


    its been remapped and the questimated power is around 210-220bhp, but i have no paperwork regarding its remap so id like to get it on some rollers just for peice of mind so does anyone know of anywhere down the south east that can sort me out?

    plans soo far are to raise the rear up abit as it looks daft atm, remove the silly dump valve in favor of a recirc jobby and fit the FMIC kit iv got for it, but other than that it'l be staying as is due to being a daily driver.

    im in need of abit of help aswel, can someone point me in the direction of a boost pipe for the cold side of the intercooler, looks like i have a map sensor down behind the o/s headlight and i need a pipe that goes from that to the inlet, but with a take off for a recirc dump valve.
    any help with this would be awesome!!!

    that's all for now folks, hope you like my car and hopfully il get to meet a few of you if theres anyone from down the south east coast area?

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